Couch Potato

Why Marissa Von Bleicken has been eliminated?

If you’re watching “The Glee Project” and you’re a big fan of the pretty and sexy Marissa Von Bleicken, then I guess you’re very sad when she was eliminated last Sunday, instead of Alex. I also wished that Alex should be eliminated, but sadly, he (or she?!?!) wasn’t! Ryan Murphy was impressed with Alex’s performance even if a lot hates that fag0#@%QTTT!

Anyway, I just want to say goodbye to Marissa and I want to say that you don’t deserve to be eliminated that early. Why not that early? Because I know that Marissa will be booted out soon and Samuel will win in this reality TV show (I’m from the future and I’ve seen it!). But… if I’m wrong, maybe the future that I’ve been through is another dimension, perhaps a parallel universe.