Another Major Google PageRank Update: July 18, 2011

I just noticed that another major Google PR update has occurred yesterday, July 18, 2011. I noticed a lot of sites returned to their original PageRanks after the June 27, 2011 major PR update. Some sites that gained +1 PR, rolled back to their original PageRank, such as (PR7 to PR6), (PR6 to PR5), (PR6 to PR5), (PR6 to PR5), and other notable Filipino blogs.

Some sites who encountered PR decrease last 27th day of June, such as, remained PR6 from PR7, and remained PR4 from PR5. gained a PR increase from 5 to 6 last major PR update, and is still PR6. remained PR6 after 2 consecutive PR updates, just like who remained PR4 after 2 consecutive major PageRank updates. who declined its PR from 4 to 3, is now back to PR4.

I can now confirm that the July 18, 2011 PR update is really a major one.

My blog is PR5 a long time ago and is still PR5 after 2 major PR updates in the past 2 months. Geez, when will I experience a PR increase?


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