Homunculus Gone! How to recover it?

Above is the last screenshot I had with my Filir homunculus. I have no other screenshots left.

I’m so sad right now because my level 99 homunculus in pRO was gone. I don’t know why, but it’s suddenly gone. I can’t call it, I can’t resurrect it. I forgot to vaporize it. Maybe he became to hungry and he left me. It’s a level 99 Filir and it’s with me since 2006.

I’ve been leveling up with my homunculus. He reached 99 first, I reached 99 after a year. We’ve been very closed and I love him so much, just like a real pet. Yes, my homunculus was a real pet. He was so real in my heart. We battled monsters together, hunted together, and strolled around Midgard together.

But now, I’m all alone. My heart is in havoc and my face cannot find a way to smile. I’m sad.. very sad…

I hope I can still get it back. I don’t know how, but I’ll do my best to find out how.


5 responses to “Homunculus Gone! How to recover it?”

  1. I remember when I first played Pokemon (Pokemon Yellow), I felt that the Pikachu that followed me was like my pet…

  2. Wow! You play at pRO ‘pala’. Cool!

    1. Bryan Veloso Avatar
      Bryan Veloso

      Yes! Do you play pRO as well?

  3. Romeo Avatar

    Hi.. Nabasa ko lang somewhere nga na pag nagutom sya at nag drop yung intimacy nya, it will leave you. Sadly its for good.
    Uhmm.. But if you don’t mind, I just want to ask you something about having 99 homunculus.
    Kapag nag 99 na ba sya makukuha mo na pati yung job exp ng nakill nyang monster? Kasi last year nainspire ako gumawa ng homunc ng makakita ako ng Bio nag naka alt tab lang sa mosco dun, then hinahayaan nya lang yung 99 na Filir nya na kumill (And that bio is already 99). Kaya naman sa tingin ko nag papa job sya using his Filir. Sayang naman expectations ko kung di pala totoo yung naiisip ko. Kaka pa 99 ko pa lang sa unevolve filir ko. :C

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