iJenics Marketing Energy Saver & Protector is a Scam / Fraud

This post is a short review of the iJenics Marketing Power/Energy Saver & Protector. Hmmm… I think I’m the first to post about them online as I haven’t found a single review about them. There are “cached” permalinks in sulit.com.ph and those pages are totally empty (As usual. Sulit.com.ph is known to store a lot of empty cached pages full of ads with no content to earn “extra” bucks from not giving site visitors what they want) and I also found one public wall post in Facebook about the certain iJenics Marketing company.
Right now, I can’t post any review as this is the first day that I’m using the iJenics Energy Saver. I will update this post or publish a new update in this blog after a month if I really conserved electricity and saved something from my Meralco bill.

I’m not really sure of this product is a scam/fraud or not. I’m just curios about them so I tried their free device. What I got here is a 4.4k Watts power saver unit with 5-year warranty and lifetime free service.

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By the way, they don’t have a website that’s why you can’t find anything about them in the online (obviously). So in case you’re looking for them, here’s their office address: Room 313 URC Building. 212 Espana, Sampaloc, Manila. Telephone number 354-0655. Cell # 0918-280-4120.

UPDATE Feb 3, 2013: Due to the fact that I’m so skeptical if this is a scam or not, I texted Tony (the agent) who went to our house. The guy named Tony from iJenics told me that they have a new telephone number 3854127. The one from their official receipt is not working anymore. This reason seems to be odd, so I searched about power saver scams and frauds in the Philippines, and luckily I found this blog post.

The details in the blog post that I mentioned contains the same exact modus that they did to me. The unit is valued at 10,000, but they will give it for free, provided that you’ll pay the sum of 8,500.00 for the lifetime free service and 5-year warranty. You’ll be very interested and be enticed to try it because it’s free. Who doesn’t love freebies anyway? At first, he will not mention the 8.5k service free until you decided to avail the free give away.

This free giveaway is just a promo in our Baranggay and only 10 families can avail it, the agent said. If you don’t have money, you can give a downpayment of 1,500.00. I told them that I really don’t have cash, so the guy insisted that he will just shoulder the 1,000 pesos and I’ll just give him 500 pesos. Good thing, I really don’t have a cash on hand, so I told him honestly that I even don’t have 500 pesos here, I only have 100 pesos for lunch. So the guy said if I have a checking account, they accept checks. I told them that I have a checking account but it doesn’t have cash. If I issue them a check, the check might bounce. I was honest all the time and even told them that I will have cash tomorrow (because I’m really interested to save something from my Meralco bill) and I can issue them a post dated check if they really want to sell it to me.

Afterwards, he called his manager regarding the check payment option. His manager arrived at home and said that they accept checks, provided that it’s paid to cash. Hahaha! I told them that they can encash it as long as they have proof that they are the official representatives of iJenics Marketing. If not, you can just deposit it to their company’s bank account.

After 24 hours, the check didn’t clear. So I concluded that something’s fishy. I stopped the check payment online and transferred my funds to my savings account.

Finally, I felt relieved and told myself “whew, that was close!”.

Here’s a video of the same case I almost experienced. Good thing I don’t have the cash, or else, I will be scammed as well:

Power Savers are also sold inside Ace Hardware before, but now it was pulled out. Good thing SM realized that they are helping the scammers scam. Hahaha!

And oh, the irony… There’s also a video promoting a power saver! Even the famous Grace Lee was tricked by this so-called Power Saver. Hahaha!

PS: Based on my own investigation, they exist before using other company names that doesn’t exist in the DTI database nor in the Philippine Business Registry database.

I think it’s the same with the Minisun Marketing that geemiz blogged about. They just changed their name to iJenics and printed receipts that bears their business name so that they will look legit to the eyes for their preys.

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20 Responses to iJenics Marketing Energy Saver & Protector is a Scam / Fraud

  1. tina says:

    Ijenics marketing din yung nagpunta sa amin dito sa Tarlac. It is better to check first the authenticity and legality of the company, check google din tayo pag may time. Maraming mga reviews and reports na nabasa ko online regarding iJenics. Pwede din e check sa Energy Regulatory Commission kung totoo to or scam.

    Aside from the product being a scam, pwede ring maging fire hazard yung produkto. Kaya importante na yung bibilhin natin ay dumaan ng QA process. Para safe yung produkto na mabibili. Baka sumabog bigla!

    Sobrang dami na manloloko ngayon. Sabihan niyo rin parents niyo, lalo na yung matatanda since they are most vulnerable sa mga ganitong manloloko. Yung tita ko nga, simple text scam lng na nanalo sya ng 500,000 pesos, na scam. Eto pa convincing yung pag benta nila.

    Kaya ingat tayo palagi. E kulong dapat lahat ng scammers sa Pilipinas!

  2. Steven says:

    scam nga to. dito sa la union marami rami sila na scam, kami na scam kami ng 500 pesos ng mga lintik na hayop na ijenics

  3. mako7121 says:

    Pati sa lucena nag kalat sila! nabasa ko lng to sa facebook ng tvpatrol:

    I just want to confirm if this scam report is reliable. There are group of people here in Lucena City roving arround telling that they are from Ijenics Marketing endorsing a product (power saver) alleged that could help lessen the power consumption. The same modus as what discussed by the blogger here in this link :


    I am just worried that they could have more victims aside from us here in our compound. I already reported it to NBI but they just told us to confirm if the address in the receipt is not fictitious. He he he ……., I was so disappointed on their response since it is their job to investigate rather than us. I tried to report it here so that vast readers could notice it and warn them as well if true.

    I am looking forward to a better clarification.

  4. Damsel says:

    Grabe may naloloko pa pala sa ganitong scam. Ang tagal na neto pero may na scascam parin. Isip isip din bago magpa loko.

    • Bryan Veloso says:

      Oo marami parin. Lalo na mga matatanda na hindi nag e internet. Kaya sa mga probinsya sila pumunta eh para makapang loko. Sa metro manila area kasi sikat na silang scammer.

  5. Batang Sorsogon says:

    grabeh niloko kami ng mga yan Reggy Lalu or Reginald Lalu tiga pampanga at Darwin Ranullo saver kuno pro until now di nakatipid ang bill namin may araw din kau mga gago kayo mga mukha nyo ampapangit sana di ako nagtiwala bumili sa inyo mga hayop kayo ,wag kayo magpaloko dito sa mga walang hiyang to may hangganan din at maghihimas kayo ng rehas mga damuho kayo. Naka alerto buong Sorsogon sa inyo.

    • Bryan Veloso says:

      Bigla nalang sila naglaho no? Mga hampas lupa yang mga yan. May lakas ng loob pa pumunta ng Barangay hall namin kasi di ko daw sila binayaran. Hahahahaha!

  6. marlon liano says:

    ako rin nag purchase ng step up i dont if it could help so i just told them that i will make observation before ill pay them

  7. anthony says:

    na scam nga mga lokong to ang lola ko. bwisit sila!

  8. Sorsogueño says:

    ERNESTO JAO ang nanluko sa amin sabi may mga libre na ideliver mga apliaances give away pag nag avail kmi at nag refer ng saver na benebenta nila… Naku walang dumaying,. Kaya bakla ka na hayop ka murahin na kita dto may araw ka din at may hangganan baklang payat na matangkad mukhang skeleton basura kang pobre ka!

    • Bryan Veloso says:

      Bakla? Iba name nya sa amin, bakla din yung nag attempt to sell ng power saver. Sinumbong pa ako sa baranggay kasi di daw ako nagbayad. hahahaha. Kapal nila no. 😀


  10. warren soriano says:

    Nitong February 2015 naloko ako dito sa oriental mindoro sila nangloko… tamang tama ang sinasabi nyo lahat. Ang name ng nagbiktima sa akin ay Felix Herrera at ito number nya at noong isa pa nyang kasama. 09109804138 at 09395382695… yang Felix Herrera na yan bakla at yung isa babae janet name nya mataba at maputi. Nadugasan ako ng 1500. Sana mahuli na sila kasi madami pa sila maloloko.

    • Bryan Veloso says:

      I think they were in Manila last year. Grabe ah umabot na pala Mindoro panloloko nila. Try mo mag refer kunwari para ma entrap sila.

  11. roncars21 says:

    help po kakagaling lng ng ijenix dito at naloko po ata ako.. help po kung paano po e entraped sila kasi active pa yung number ng nagbenta sakin..

    • Bryan Veloso says:

      If you already paid, di na sila magpapakita. Dapat nag issue u check para pwede pa ipa cancel. Try u kunwari may e refer ikaw na kapitbahay. Sabihin mo lng na effective yung power saver, tapos pwede pa ba ako bumili ulit? Or sabihin u na may mga kamag anak u gusto din bumili ng Power Saver! Sabay entrap, para makulong sila sa panloloko nila.

  12. mhyra says:

    this time they are here at tabuk kalinga, marami na silang nabiktima specially sa mga barios grabe anti q nga naloko na pero ngayon sapul sila hawak na sila ng mga pulis dito biruin mu mag ina daw sila matandang babae at bakla,,, galing nilang manloko

    • Bryan Veloso says:

      Wow. Tapang nila a. Mga probinsya na target kc hindi informed karamihan about such scam.

  13. mhyra says:

    kanina nagpanggap ako na interested ako sa product nila via call transaction sabi q may nakapagsabi kase sa akin na kaibigan na maganda at effective ung product. naman! in response tnanung kung cnabi sa akin ang presyo and i said, kaya naman para daw madiscountan ako at makasali sa promo nila ihanda ko na ang pambayad q at pupunta na sila sa amin.ito na mang tito q nakipagugnayan na sya mga pulis. ngayon dina sila makatakbo pa….good for them…..mga manloloko

    • Bryan Veloso says:

      Good thing na trap na ssila. Dati sila pa may lakas ng loob magpa baranggay sa friend ko kc kinancel ng friend ko yung check na binigay ssa kanila. Ang kakapal ngg mukha! Haha!

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