Welcome 2011, So Long 2010…

This will be my year end post. I would like to greet everyone a happy new year! Good bye 2010 and welcome 2011. My new year’s resolution would be updating this blog more often. I want to post more about Gadgets and Web Development. I guess that’s all. I’m really busy at school and I can’t update this blog even if I want to. Forgive me my dear readers, if you’re still reading this blog.
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Bing News Indexing Delay

I have noticed that there’s a slight delay Bing News indexing since last week. Sometimes, it’s a 2-day delay, sometimes a 3-day delay. I don’t know what’s the main cause of this delay, because other sites that are indexed long ago in Bing News are not experiencing this delay. Only the sites that are recently added in the Bing News index.
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Casino and Motor Racing

Many people use best online casin0 to play games like roulette, slots and blackjack. Today’s online applications even let players participate in multiplayer tournaments where they can communicate with each other via chat functions and learn the best tactics to compete in the games they enjoy. Other people, however, prefer using online casinos to place bets on motor racing events. The increasing popularity of online casinos have made it possible for them to branch out into new territory of betting that makes it possible for motor sports fans to participate as well as game players.
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Socialize in Feedburner is now gone

Have you noticed it? Or it’s just me? I just noticed this today. The Socialize feature for Feedburner is now gone. I think they have removed it for good. I didn’t read any official announcement about it and I don’t know what’s the reason why it’s removed.

Before, it’s right under Feed Count if I remember it right. Hmmmmmm? Where did Socialize go?

Anyway, Socialize is still in the Feedburner Help page of Google.

Update Dec 10, 2010: Oh so there’s really a problem with Socialize. Thanks to Reid for sharing this in the comments below.