Bitbucket Connection Refused / No Route to Host (Siteground Server)

If you recently encountered this issue when pushing a your git updates to Bitbucket and you’re using Siteground as your server, then you found your solution. I recently encountered this issue in my multiple Siteground hosts, using shared or cloud SG servers.

Not really sure if this is a Siteground issue or a Bitbucket issue, but changing the port via config works.

One solution I found online is adding to your /etc/hosts file. But sadly, at Siteground GoGeek servers, you have limited access and you cannot access your hosts file.

If you’re getting a No Route to Host error, or a Connection Refused error when trying to push repo updates/commits.

Just go to your .ssh/config file (create one if you don’t have one yet), and add these lines:

Port 443

No need to thank me. I just found the solution here by oliverkocsis.


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