WordPress Theme with Dark Mode using the 2021 Theme!

WP default themes keep on getting better and better. Now with the default Twenty Twenty-One theme, you have an option to support dark mode. Then you can toggle it on and off using the button on the lower part of your screen.

BryanVeloso.com is now using the latest default theme for 2021. It’s a one column with 3-column footer for widgets. It’s pretty straightforward, simple and fast. You can add your logo in the header, and that same logo appears in the lower left part of your footer.

Simplicity is what makes this blog theme special. You can also make your post show the full posts by default, or just an excerpt of your blog post in the customization settings. No need to add “read more” on every blog post you make.

This theme is simple, fast, elegant, and modern. You’ll love it if you’re a minimalist like me. The default light mode and dark mode colors adapt well in all colored logos with transparent background.

I didn’t adjust me logo color anymore to adjust with the theme’s default color options. It simple works, good to the eyes, and UI is fantastic.

I’ll be using this theme for the entire year of 2021 until the WordPress Twenty Twenty-Two theme is released.


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