Adsense Payment Settings Blank (a.k.a. Loading Forever)

Are you attempting to change your payment settings, like holding or unholding a payment, scheduling a payment, or changing your payment threshold! Now you can’t, because the payment settings page doesn’t load anymore. It’s blank in the classic Adsense dashboard, and it’ loading endlessly in the new Google Adsense dashboard.

This is not a browser-specific issue or an OS specific issue. If you tried all the latest browsers with incognito (private browsing) on and off, and the payment settings page still won’t load in your end, then you’re doomed!

But, if you’re lucky enough and your account isn’t affected by this obvious bug that the Google Adsense Engineers cannot fix since 2012, then congratulations! This error only occurred to some accounts who set a payment threshold before the Adsense dashboard revamp. If you didn’t set anything in the Payments Settings > Payment Schedule page, then consider yourself very lucky.

Only if you changed your payment threshold before, you’ll be stuck with that threshold, and you cannot set it to a lower amount, because of this bug that will be fixed probably 10 or 20 years from now. Google Customer support cannot be easily reached as well, as there’s no way to contact a support rep directly without losing yourself and posting questions that won’t be answered in the Adsense Commmunity labyrinth.

For now, just work harder to reach that payment threshold that you set. The good thing is that, you won’t be able to spend your money for some stuff that you really don’t need but you just want. The bad thing is that you can’t invest it in bitcoin, because it should double or triple in a few months, but you’ll miss it because your money is still in Google’s hands. 😀


7 responses to “Adsense Payment Settings Blank (a.k.a. Loading Forever)”

  1. We recently got our adsense. Having the same problem the page doesn’t load at all. I tried to revert to old design but it didn’t help. I sorted out this issue by opening adsense in mobile browser.

    1. Bryan Veloso Avatar
      Bryan Veloso

      For new adsense accounts, the common problem is that you haven’t reached the minimum treshold yet for snail mail verication. Have you reach $10 and verified the account already?

  2. We got our adsense. having the same problem . the page doesn’t load at all . i am tired to load all pages . but its not , i tried to opening adsense in mobile browser . its not possible for me ..

    1. Bryan Veloso Avatar
      Bryan Veloso

      have you tried reporting it using the feedback form in the lower right of the page?

  3. Hi Sir,
    How to Received Payment Google Adsense after $100 please Related Article upload Thanks your so Much Sir, This is Also Information Very interesting Thanks for Shearing.

  4. I tried to revert to old design but it didn’t help. I sorted out this issue by opening adsense in mobile browser.

  5. I’m getting a in payment method i got viza card and it is not working in Adsense.

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