Coraleen Waddell is now video blogging!

Yep, she’s now into video blogging. My number one crush in the world is now video blogging. Subscribe to her channel now at She now has 16,574 subscribers as of August 6, 2016, with more than 100k YouTube views in her 3 videos. Latest video was uploaded yesterday. Her vlog is fun to watch, even if she’s just talking about random stuff that you might not be interested, anyway I’m interested in all that she does. Even if she just eats, or sleeps, or just babbling random things about make-up. I just love her, and I know you will too!


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  2. […] commercial. I then searched for her name online and found out that she’s Coraleen Waddel. She now has a video blog in YouTube that you can follow and she’s also appearing on local TV. She’s one of the housemates […]

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