Cora Waddell bikini pics? Why people are searching for it?

Coraleen Waddell waiting for a Jeep
I recently noticed a spike in traffic at Filipino netizens are suddenly searching for Coraleen Waddell bikini pics, cora waddell swimsuit pictures, and cora waddel photos. I wondered why they are searching for it and arrived to this blog. Nobody usually searches for a commercial models / catalog model, but Cora is now not just a model, but a star!

Coraleen Waddell waving in a bikini

This all started when I admired her in a Metrobank commercial. I then searched for her name online and found out that she’s Coraleen Waddel. She now has a video blog in YouTube that you can follow and she’s also appearing on local TV. She’s one of the housemates in this year’s PBB. I think it stands for Pinoy Big Brother, a reality TV show in a local channel in the Philippines. Now that she’s famous, more and more people are now googling her name, searching if she has a boyfriend, searching for her height, her likes, dislikes, and everything about her.

Coraleen Waddell Cute Smile

According to my thorough research, her are some facts I found about her. Cora’s birthday is December 15, 1989. She’ll be turning 27 next month. She was born in Saipan (the largest of the Northern Mariana Islands, a U.S. commonwealth in the Western Pacific). She grew up in Orlando, Florida, USA and her US address is at 13342 Luxbury Loop, Orlando, Florida. She also lived in Colorado and Kansas. And now she’s in Metro Manila, Philippines. She has a younger brother named Curtis. Her name Corazon and Eileen (names of her grandmothers). Her height is 5’8″, her body shape is 32-25-34, shirt size small, shoe size is 8. Star sign is Sagittarius, blood type is O. Favorite food is Chipotle Burrito Bowl. Her childhood dream is to become an artist (yeah like Michelangelo) or a mechanic (which is hot. Imagine a sexy hot mechanic fixing your car). Her boyfriend’s name is Bryan Veloso and she has 3 sons and 2 daughters with Bryan. Cora was devirginized by his boyfriend when she was 16. Bryan and Cora’s first baby was born when Cora was 17 years old, and year after year, Cora gets pregnant with Bryan even if they weren’t married, because they love making love and Cora was really naughty during her teenage years, they have sex almost twice a day, inside the car (sometimes in a public parking area), in the kitchen, in the living room, and the bathroom. Cora loves sucking Bryan’s dick while Bryan is sucking + licking Cora’s vagina for 30 to 45 minutes before intercourse. They love doing this foreplay all the time before having actual sex. Cora loves to be on top most of the time, but during climax, Bryan takes over the top position and squeeze it all out inside Coraleen’s vagina. Cora gets her orgasms 5-10x before Bryan ejaculates, that’s why she’s very addicted fucking Bryan… daily. They can’t get enough of each other. They are deeply and madly in love with each other, it’s like the world stood still while Cora and Bryan are having sex. Both of them did a record of having sex 365 days straight. That’s one year of making love daily. And for 365 days, they do it twice or 3x a day, not just once a day. Beat that! (All in Bryan’s dream, gotcha!).

For your viewing pleasure, here are more bikini pictures and random pictures of her (or rather screenshots) that I personally took using CMD+SHIFT+4 in my Mac. Hahaha!


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  2. What? Haha I really appreciate the facts you given , but when i continue reading it was like obsession feels. OMG!

    1. Bryan Veloso Avatar
      Bryan Veloso

      you got me! ?

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