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In the end we will all be judged by the courage of our hearts

As you may have noticed, all the Sense8 quotes are unique. Like drugs are like shoes, drugs are like shoes everyone needs them but they don’t always fit, we make choices and life has a way in making us pay for them, and many more. Every time I hear a nice quote in a TV series that I’m currently watching, I always google for them, to see where did it originate, who said it first. To my surprise, all of the quotes in Sense8 by the Wachowskis are unique and original.


iRO Thor DC issues still not fixed for 2 months now

If you’re like me, a pRO player who migrated to iRO Thor, then you must be waiting for the DC issues to be fixed soon. Right now we’re encountering various sprite errors, DC on login, and DC on character select issues. WarpPortal said that they are still waiting for the magical kRO tool to fix all issues, but until now, June 2015, 90% of the migrated accounts still can’t login.

Anyway, I was able to fix some of my character with sprite errors and I wanna share it with you guys of how I did it. First you need to download openkore from then run it. Yes, I know, it’s illegal in iRO, but it’s the only way to fix sprite error issues. Once you’re logged in in your account, just use the uneq command and remove all gears that your character is wearing. Enter “i” first to view all the gears that you’re currently wearing, then uneq item #. You can check the item numbers once you viewed your character.

Screenshot of the inventory and equips after entering i:
Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 6.29.57 AM

You need to unequip all gears that you are wearing so that the sprite issue will not show up once you’re logged in on the official iRO client.

That’s just how I fixed some of my accounts. I hope you will be able to fix yours as well if you encountered the same problem as I did.


NameCheap Renewal Coupons for June 2015 doesn’t work

If you’re on NameCheap and you want to save $1.00 in your domain renewal, you’ll just be disappointed. Fake coupons around the world wide web sprouted like wildfire. Coupons like GOLDDEAL and SILVERDEAL doesn’t work at all. Anyway, I can’t really verify it as I only have 10 domains. Haha! I’ve read somewhere that you can use the GOLDDEAL coupon if you renew around 50 domains, and SILVERDEAL coupon if you renew 20 domains simultaneously.

I also read that, that coupon will only work if you have 50 or 20 domains in your account. So unlucky for me that I only have a few domains. A friend of mine got 212 domains, so I think he will have a discount if he renews it all simultaneously.

I’m thinking for renewing my domains for 10 years or so, just like what my friend did. So that I won’t be bothered renewing it yearly. I’ll just renew it again in year 2025. Hmmmmm…

Anyway, that would be all for today. I just shared that the Namecheap renewal coupons doesn’t work.