NameCheap Renewal Coupons for June 2015 doesn’t work

If you’re on NameCheap and you want to save $1.00 in your domain renewal, you’ll just be disappointed. Fake coupons around the world wide web sprouted like wildfire. Coupons like GOLDDEAL and SILVERDEAL doesn’t work at all. Anyway, I can’t really verify it as I only have 10 domains. Haha! I’ve read somewhere that you can use the GOLDDEAL coupon if you renew around 50 domains, and SILVERDEAL coupon if you renew 20 domains simultaneously.

I also read that, that coupon will only work if you have 50 or 20 domains in your account. So unlucky for me that I only have a few domains. A friend of mine got 212 domains, so I think he will have a discount if he renews it all simultaneously.

I’m thinking for renewing my domains for 10 years or so, just like what my friend did. So that I won’t be bothered renewing it yearly. I’ll just renew it again in year 2025. Hmmmmm…

Anyway, that would be all for today. I just shared that the Namecheap renewal coupons doesn’t work.


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