The 5% Fiverr Processing Fee (as of November 2014)

As you may have noticed, if you’re using Fiverr for quite sometime now, they recently imposed a 5% processing fee for all transactions. I just noticed this now after ordering a gig worth $40.00 I got charged by a $2.00 processing fee.

I haven’t reviewed their new TOS yet before finding out about this. But just now, I just read that their TOS was updated last November 2014, and it reflect this new line: “Processing fees are added at the time of purchase where a buyer can review and accept the total amount requested to pay. These fees cover payment processing and administrative fees. The current fees assessed to the total purchase amount can be found here.”

So there are processing fees already, but it’s not indicated that it’s 5%. Maybe it will increase sooner or later, but hopefully it won’t.

I tried both Paypal and Bitcoin and the processing fee is still there. I think this will be permanent. Too bad, but not that bad because the services I get from Fiverr are top notch. Anyway, I was just hoping that they will not increase the processing fee soon.

Update 11/05/2014: I just ordered a gig worth $10 USD and I wasn’t charged of any fees. So I think the 5% fee is not imposed on all types of gigs. I even ordered from the same person, but with no add ons.


4 responses to “The 5% Fiverr Processing Fee (as of November 2014)”

  1. I just landed on your page after watching for if some else has faced the same situation like yours. Fiverr at first asked for processing fee of 50 cents but then i cancelled and ordered aagain. This time nothing was asked. Its strange.

  2. Hi Bryan, it is a relief to learn that not all projects are charged a processing fee because I am looking to have some graphics work down for me down there on Fiverr. I like your site by the way.

    1. Bryan Veloso Avatar
      Bryan Veloso

      Yeah. Thanks Julius. 🙂

  3. I think that it is shameful that FIVERR.COM should charge a “processing fee” especially as they are already charging the seller a 20% fee. This just goes to show how greedy companies get. Of course, they are still testing the water because if people stop buying they’ll have to stop this charge or people like me will start going elsewhere for their gigs!

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