Philippine Ragnarok Online: Weird Old Man NPC High Level Weapon Trade Requirements

After googling and searching all over the web for the item requirements of each High Level Weapon via the Weird Old Man NPC in Ragnarok Online, I found NOTHING! Even iRO didn’t update their wiki pages for this very important data. So I took the liberty to talk the the Weird Old Man, and gathered these data for you. These are the type of items and the amount of each item that is required to trade for high level weapons from the Weird Old Man in Lighthalzen.

This NPC first appeared after the latest patch, pRO Episode 28 Hall of the Abyss, was implemented in Philippine Ragnarok Online. pRO’s website—as usual—lacks a lot of information regarding the items and the requirements to get the new items.

Below is the table for the number of Ghost Chills, Blood Thirsts, and Will of Warriors that you need to get the high level weapons and armors that you want from the Weird Old Man in Lighthalzen (341 291).

[table caption=”Weird Old Man NPC High Level Weapon & Armor Trade Requirements” width=”640″ colwidth=”320|120|100|100″ colalign=”left|left|left|left”]
Item Name,Will of Warrior,Blood Thirst,Ghost Chill
Giant Shield,100,50,35
Ancient Book of Geffenia (Water),100,50,22
Bible of Promise (Vol 2),100,50,22
Salvage Cape,300,300,400
Assassin Handcuffs,100,50,35
Green Operating Gown,100,50,30
Agent Katar,50,100,10
Guillotine Katar,50,100,85
Ygnus Stale,50,100,35
End Sektura,50,100,35
Cannon Spear,50,100,40
Giant Lance,300,300,400
Chilly Spell Book,50,100,40
Recovery Light,50,100,35
Aztoe Nail,50,100,35
Scarlet Nail,50,100,35
Bloody Cross,50,100,40
Big Cross Bow,50,100,35
Creeper Bow,50,100,35


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  1. exactly what i’m looking for. thanks! bennet from new iris here.

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