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How To Save Money In The Office

Given how the economy has suffered over the last several years, it has become more important than ever to run an efficient and cost-effective office. Even now that there are some signs of recovery, that is no reason to forget about saving money. There is no point in being wasteful, and any money you do save will go directly into your profits.


One of the big costs of running an office is keeping it lit and heated – or air-conditioned in the summer. However, many offices aren’t efficient with either of these – for example, there is absolutely no reason to keep the office at 72 degrees all year round. If the thermostat is set a couple of degrees cooler in the winter, and a couple of degrees warmer in the summer, then no one will be any the wiser. However, you’ll end up significantly reducing your energy costs.

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Wow! SoftLayer is now an IBM Company!

I was surprised after visiting the homepage of, that they are now an IBM Company. I’m pretty late about this news, but it’s better late than never eh? I just want to share it with you guys, even though I’m a month late in sharing this awesome news.


I’ve been following the milestones of SoftLayer since my favorite hosting company was redirected to SoftLayer. I didn’t know at first that they were merged, I just found out after searching about it, why it was gone and was redirected to


What Are Clinical Trials?

We hear a lot about clinical trials, but what are they and who do they benefit? Clinical trials are studies that drug companies use to test new medications and therapies.

Types of Trials
There are four different types of trials: Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3 and randomized clinical trials. Phase 1 trials are typically used with new drugs or treatments and usually involve a smaller number of. At this stage, there are a lot of unknown factors, such as effectiveness and possible side effects, and volunteers are closely monitored. Phase 2 trials happen after the initial effects are know, and involve larger pools of volunteers.

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BBMAX599 no longer works with Q10, Z10, and other BlackBerry 10 devices

This is a very very sad news for all Globe Prepaid BlackBerry users out there who are using BBMAX599 to avail the unlimited data plan for almost half the price (compared to SUPERSURF999). BBMAX599 no longer works with Q10, Z10, and other BlackBerry 10 devices. You now need to avail SUPERSURF999 to fully use your Blackberry OS 10 device. If you registered your device using BBMAX599 to 8888, then you just wasted 599 pesos. Too bad… this is really really disappointing.


Philippine Ragnarok Online 10th Anniversary Logo (High Resolution)

If you’re looking for the Philippine Ragnarok Onlne 10th anniversary logo in high res, then you have it! Just right click the logo and download it to your computer.

Ragnarok 10th Anniversary Logo

But that’s not the full size yet. Click here to get the full size of the Ragnarok 10th Anniversary logo.