pRO Episode 27.2 Malangdo (Meow Meow) Patch Hexed Client

If you’re wondering why your old hexed client is not working anymore or if you’re looking for a new hexed client for the recent Episode 27.2 Malangdo patch, then you’ve come to the right place. Actually, the old hexed client is still working (The exact size is 4,847,616 bytes or 4.6MB). If that’s the size of the current hex that you’re using, back it up first before patching, then copy and paste it again in your hexed client folder. Check out my old post here for instructions. If you’re looking for a new hexed client, you can do the hexing yourself.

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How Small Businesses Protect Their Brand with a VPN

vpnWhen it comes to small business strategies, Internet marketing is key. Companies are utilizing various SEO strategies while linking to social media platforms. The point is to drive more traffic to their website.

Protecting your traffic data from the prying eyes of competitors is as essential to business growth as preventing them from taking your client list so they may market to your customers directly.

It seems that every major player in small business has hired an SEO specialist to help him or her control the local market. Within seconds these experts can access one’s traffic data and record the information to use against them. A sure way of achieving this is to analyze the traffic going into a competitor’s website and determine what pages are viewed and directly engaged while comparing their marketing strategies to the numbers.

Knowing how much traffic a website gets helps competing businesses validate that website’s content and arms them with the knowledge of how much traffic they need to get in order to get similar results. Without proper security, you might as well hand over a blueprint of your brand’s success to the competition.