Windows 8 Airplane Mode Bug Fix: Can’t turn off Airplane mode after turning it on

Windows 8 Airplane Mode
If you’re a Windows 8 user and you’re pretty curious about its features, then you must have encountered this problem. I just solved this a while ago after lots and lots of binging, googling, and duckduckgoing. Haha! Finally, I found a working solution. There are a vast number of solutions if you search it online, but not all of it works.

Others suggest that you’ll just disabled and enabled your wireless network adapter. Others said that you need to update it. While others are just using the Troubleshoot tool inside Network and Sharing center. I have tried all of it, but it didn’t work on my end.

I’m using an HP laptop with Windows 8 installed. Due to curiosity, I turned Airplane Mode on. And poof! It worked! My WLAN was disabled in just one snap! So… after satisfying my curiosity, I turned it OFF! After turning it off, the Wireless network never showed up again. WiFi is still disabled! Got demmit! I should have not turned this on. I’ve been offline for 2 hours or more after I found the solution.

I even attempted to reformat me PC, but first I just refreshed it and return it back to the point where it’s working properly. But… it wasn’t successful.

What worked is that I restarted my PC, pressed Escape, then enter BIOS setup. I restored it to the default factory setting and now it works!

If you encountered this problem and you can’t fix it, try restoring your pc to the default factory settings, I’m pretty sure that it will work.


2 responses to “Windows 8 Airplane Mode Bug Fix: Can’t turn off Airplane mode after turning it on”

  1. I find easy way . You need Enable airplane mode and start windows auto fix problem . Its helped me =D .

  2. alexanter Avatar

    Start Ms Config Disable the service Radio Management.

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