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Openkore Episode 26 Bot Fix and Hexed Client for Ragnarok PH (pRO)

I just noticed that my traffic surged after posting my Windows 8 fix for pRO Rebalance Patch. But the visitors seem to be lost because they didn’t find what they are looking for. I didn’t blog anything about Openkore bot fix for Ragnarok Episode 26 or the pRO Rebalance Patch Bot. I just noticed it because a lot of pRO players are looking for it.

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Managing Your Space Effectively

Space Management

A plague on many households across the country is the wealth of clutter. We try as we might to have homes that are comfortable, livable and functional at the same time but we often falter. Every time we go to a mall or shopping center with one goal in mind, we somehow manage to come home with lighter pockets and heavies car trunks.