The 2072 Olympics and the domaining business

Did you know that the domain is not yet taken? Yep, it’s not yet taken as of today. I just checked from 2016 to 2068 because I’m that curious. The olympics committee and some domain squatters registered a lot of domains from to The 2068 Olympics domain is not registered by an official committee of the Olympics. I wonder why domainers want to spend a lot of money for it and registered it 56 years early! I don’t know if they can sell it in the future or just use the domain.

Let’s say that the domain is priced at $12.00/year. That would be $12.00 x 56 = $672.00. But that’s not the actual price. The price may increase as the years go by. Most of the domain registrants including Godaddy let’s you register the domain in advance for up to year 2024. I think after year 2024, the domain price will increase, so relatively, the price to keep the domain 2068olympics will get higher and higher.

I don’t know if the one who registered it can see positive ROI. I just don’t get it. All I can say is that Peng Goh from Hong Kong (who registered the domain last 2003) is wasting his money if he plans to renew it until year 2068.

Oh well, that’s just me. I’m quite new at the domaining business. I really don’t know what is Mr. Goh’s ultimate plan for his investment.


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