PS3 Network Error 80710D36

I’ve encountered this weird Playstation Network Error just now. 80710D36… Hmmmm!?!?! Still don’t know how to fix it. I have the latest firmware and I have 2 Internet Service Providers that are currently working. Hmmmmmm? I will share how I solved this problem once I find a solution online.

As of now, I found nothing. I searched multiple forums and the official Playstation Network forum, but to no avail.

I’ve restarted my PS3 thrice already, still, it didn’t solve the problem. Oh my, I’m dying to kill zombies tonight! O_O I hope this problem won’t last until tomorrow.

UPDATE: Good thing the error was fixed while doing nothing. Thank goodness!


  1. i am having the same problem mate let me no wen you fix it i can get on the internet on my laptop and my playstation just carnt conect to psn??

  2. yep… i also have it, and it seems a lot of people are having it…
    probably bec cause of the hackers’ revenge from sony

  3. Heya Bryan,

    Was having the exact same prob, and was searching the web for a solution.
    Nothing really came up, but while I was searching I was constantly trying to
    log into the Ps network, and it worked! Don’t know how, but it just decided to
    let me log in again. I know this is the least technical possible answer, but if the
    control is next to you, sheer stuborness might get it going again for you, good luck 🙂

  4. Just wondering, are you the legendary 😛 Bryan Veloso of the avalonstar? Just wanna say hi and turn off my lurker mode hahaha… that Facebook namecard on the Social Network movie… just caught it the other day… can’t help but be impressed… only your fans know that you did it… pretty impressive stuff… you should’ve stayed with them! or at least with those WordPress folks LOL… Anyways, hope all is well with the development of your hello-ranking project … hope you do one for kpop fans too LOL. You’re probably the coolest techno-entrepreneur around already….. All the best dude. Cheers!

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