Stephenie Gee Album Art

Because I’m a big fan of this new YouTube Sensation and I can’t find a pre-made album art for her songs in my iTunes, I created an album art for Stephenie Gee. If you’re looking for the same thing, please don’t hesitate to copy the album art I made.

If you don’t love the album art I made, feel free to create one and share it with me so that I can replace mine. Haha!

This album art is made using Photoshop CS5. I got her picture from her Facebook fan page. The image was pretty low-res that’s why I decided to make the album art grungy. It doesn’t look bad isn’t it?

Grab it if you like it! It’s for free! Really!

Oh how I love Stephenie Gee!


4 responses to “Stephenie Gee Album Art”

  1. Prince Ralph Avatar
    Prince Ralph

    Hey Bro.. Nice Edit … Can You Watch The Video. I Dedicated For Stephenie?
    Add Me in Face Book @ [email protected]
    that`s my Email address bro..
    I wish more Pictures Of Stephenie…
    `Cause I`m A BIGGEST fan Of her…

  2. yo dude..ur artwork is cool.. good job ^^

  3. Oh i love that cover you made!
    Its annoying when you don’t have a cover for albums you listen to every day. I did the same thing some time ago. I just thought that it would be ok to make a cover for that.

  4. Bryan Veloso Avatar
    Bryan Veloso

    @Horst – thank you so much for loving it!

    @Jaja – thanks jaja!

    @Prince Ralph – I’m also a big fan! Thanks for visiting my blog!

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