The first Windows 7 Phone from Samsung announced!

Yes yes yes! It’s finally announced! I really don’t know if people who already using iPhones, Android Phones, and Blackberry smartphones for so many years will switch to Windows 7 because it’s created by Bill Gates. Will this new Windows 7 phone from Samsung also known as Samsung Omnia 7 can ever match the pace of the iPhone vs Android vs Blackberry wars?

I can’t answer that question because I’m no mobile phone expert or tech analyst, but I think, based on my intuition and opinion, this phone will suffer that same wrath that Microsoft Kin was into.

Anyway, even if I have the money and even if I’m a big Microsoft fan, I will never buy this phone. I have all I need with my Dell Streak android phone and iPhone 4. I’m not even using my iPhone, I’m fine with my Streak because it’s all I need right now. The apps, the e-mail, the web browser and everything that is really essential for my mobile life.

For more information about Samsung Omnia 7, check their official website.


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