PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid Balance Inquiry #101328

I’ve been googling and googling about this for hours but I can’t find it anywhere. Nobody blogged about it. Somebody actually blogged but the instructions you can read is to call the hot line 101328 which is only available from 8AM to 6PM. Now I’ll just blog about it so that if someone is searching about how to check your PLDT landline plus balance, then you no longer need to call the customer support to know about it.

I also browser the FAQs page, yes FAQs page! And it doesn’t contain instructions of how to inquire your balance! Haha! Check out their FAQs page

After 2 hours of searching about this number online, I decided to call the PLDT hotline and ask for the number to dial to know my PLDT LL+ account balance.

Just dial #101328 then Press 1. That’s Number Sign 101 328 then wait for the voice prompt then press 1. And that’s it. You’ll know your account balance right away. I’ll make sure to save this number in my phonebook so that I can inquire about my PLDT landline plus balance instantly next time.

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  1. Sorry this feature is not available in your cellphone. thats the voice prompt i get and cant even access 101328..

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