Addicted to the Nine-Tailed Fox

If you’re watching My Girlfried is a Gumiho, I bet you’re addicted to that Korean TV Series too. It’s a comedy-drama and I simply love it. In fact, I downloaded the original sound tracks (OST) of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, because all songs are just awesome!

I’ll be sharing it here in my blog. I’ll upload it first then I’ll share it with you. Right now, I’m watching the 3 Idiots. This movie is very long but it’s funny. I’ve watched it 4 times already, and it still makes me laugh out loud.

That’s all for today. I just arrived from New Zealand to visit my Tito, that’s why I haven’t updated this blog more often last May. It’s already June and this is my first update this June, obviously.

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One Response to Addicted to the Nine-Tailed Fox

  1. helen says:

    i love 3 Idiots too! i have only watched it twice though! Super funny! I am planning to watch My Girlfriend is Gumiho next! Is Nine-Tailed Fox similar to Gumiho?

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