Homunculus Gone! How to recover it?

Above is the last screenshot I had with my Filir homunculus. I have no other screenshots left.

I’m so sad right now because my level 99 homunculus in pRO was gone. I don’t know why, but it’s suddenly gone. I can’t call it, I can’t resurrect it. I forgot to vaporize it. Maybe he became to hungry and he left me. It’s a level 99 Filir and it’s with me since 2006.

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Ragnarok New Chaos Bot and Config Changes

Now I’m back playing Ragnarok again because my friends are playing again since the so-called “Renewal” patch (Episode 22 of pRO) is now live. Third Jobs which were announced 2 years ago are implemented in the Philippine Ragnarok Online. I have a Sniper, Biochemist, and Gunsligner. I’ve been thinking of changing my job to Generic as I’ve been a Creator/Biochemist all these years.