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Lumix GF3 will be out this July!

Oh boy, I recently owned the awesome micro 4/3 called GF2, now GF3 will be out a month from now. Panasonic is really having fun creating new digital cameras in the micro 4/3 series huh? Honestly, I didn’t like the new design of this micro four thirds, but I guess I will still get one for my younger sister.

She wants a brand new camera for her 18th birthday this July. So I guess I’ll buy her a spanking new Lumix GF3.


Merlion Night Shot using GF1 and 7-14mm Ultra Wide Lens

Here’s a not-so-great, but awesome evening shot of the Merlion Park in Singapore. Lens used is a 7-14mm Leica.


Lumix LX5: An LX3, but much better

Finally, Panasonic unveiled the LX3’s successor! It’s the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3. Is much more powerful and better than the superb LX3. Almost all of its specs are upgraded and I can say, even if I didn’t get my hands on it yet, that it’s better compared to LX3.

Why it’s better? Because it’s a much improved version of the LX3, and there’s no reason that it will not be better than the LX3, because it’s LX5, and it’s obviously an upgrade of the LX3.

Ok, I think I’m being redundant here. Once I get my hands on the LX3, I will surely share it with you guys! Oh boy, LX3 is hot, sexy, and mouth-watering!