Fox Movies Premium is no longer premium

I noticed this just now. Fox Movies Premium in my cable TV is no longer premium. It now has commercials, which sucks right? After further research, I found out that last January 1, 2012, Star Movies HD was rebranded as Fox Movies Premium HD in selected Asian territories where Star Movies has been renamed to Fox Movies Premium. Then, just 3 days ago, 10th of June 2017, Fox Movies Premium HD has been renamed itself as Fox Movies HD. But this is not just a rename, and nothing was changed. The service itself was changed. You won’t enjoy watching movies without interruption anymore. Now watching movies at Fox are interrupted by commercials.

Saw a funny ad in their Facebook page, that says:

Their FB page is no longer available: It’s not even redirected to the new page.

And I found out that I’m not alone. People are complaining in Facebook about the commercials in Fox.

It’s not incredible at all. Hahahaha! Such a sad development. Good thing I have Netflix. So long Fox Movies Premium. So sad that you’re gone. Now you’ll pay for a cable TV subscription + watch local ads. ZZZzzzz… So lame. Paid TV subscription shouldn’t have ads in the first place.


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  1. Yep, fox officially sucks. First we had to deal with the horrible edits for content, when this is a premium price channel, none of them should be edited at all, should be the full theatrical release. They aren’t the only ones doing this, HBO as well. They all stink. Fox is worse though, now they have 30 minutes of commercials for a 90 minute movie, hard cut in’s at bad times, during a scene. They stink.

    This channel is about useless. Thank GOD for Utorrent

    1. Bryan Veloso Avatar
      Bryan Veloso

      Yeah! good thing we have uTorrent and torrent sites. I hope Fox PH’s # of viewers will crash close to zero.

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