What is the oldest Treadmill brand?

The most infamous mill at Brixton Prison was installed in 1821 and used to grind grain to supplement an existing windmill.

Recently just this year, I’ve been shopping for the best treadmill for my personal use. I’ve been searching online and found out popular treadmill brands such as Precor, Landice, NordickTrack, True, and Sole. There are many other brands out there like Cybex, Life Fitness, Nautilus, Reebok, Life Span, Star Trac, Smooth Fitness, Yowza, Vision, Free Motion, BD Cardio, Body Craft, Gold’s Gym, Fuel, Endurance, Bladez, SportsArt, Spirit, Health Rider, AFG, Epic, Meritt, Schwinn, Livestrong, and Weslo, but it’s not as popular as the first 5 brands I’ve mentioned.

Now every brands has its pros and cons. There are many positive reviews for the top 5 treadmill brands according to my research. The Precor, Landice, NordickTrack, True and Sole are really popular online and offline. I’ve seen them in the home of some of my friends and in popular gyms around the world. Those brands have really good reviews, but some of those brands have really bad reviews, like the NordickTrack.
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Your Metrobank Buddy Rachel is Coraleen Waddell

Coraleen Waddell
If your heart stopped for 30-seconds, or perhaps your world? After watching the 30-second Metrobank Commercial featuring your Metrobank Buddy Rachel, then you’re the same as I am. If you’re wondering who’s that girl on the Metrobank commercial that was shown in local TV for the past few months, then you’re the same as I am, again! Her name is Coraleen Waddell, and she’s the prettiest commercial model I’ve ever seen.
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