Cloudflare Plus vs Cloudflare Pro

Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between Cloudflare Plus vs Cloudflare Pro? If you’re also that curious, then you are not alone. I’ve been curious as well and I googled and binged it, but I can’t find anything about it. Nobody even blogged Cloudflare Plus vs Cloudflare Pro before, so I decided to write the differences on my own by comparing these two.

First, Cloudflare Plus is a Dreamhost exclusive feature. You can just avail it when you sign-up with Cloudflare. The only options you have if you don’t have a Dreamhost account are the Free, Pro, Business and Enterprise editions.

If you have a Dreamhost account, you have the opportunity to try Cloudflare Plus. The difference of Plus and Pro are pretty basic. Cloudflare Plus only has these features: Mirage, Polish, Lazy Loading, and Railgun for $9.95 USD per month. Cloudflare Pro offers a lot compared to Plus, but Pro lacks Railgun, which is only available in Cloudflare Business.

Cloudflare Pro is also a bit expensive compared to Cloudflare Plus. Pro costs $20.00 per month for the first website, and $5.00 for the next websites you add in your Cloudflare Plus account. It’s a bit expensive and you can’t avail of that super awesome Railgun feature.

Anyway, if you don’t have an idea about Railgan, it’s a Cloudflare feature that is available in Cloudflare Business. It uses compression to improve performance. Sites with slowly-changing dynamic content should benefit the most from Railgun. It ensures really really fast connection. Know more about Railgun here:

Below is an awesome illustration about how the Railgun works:

So basically, you’ll save more if you have a Dreamhost account and you want to avail of one of Cloudflare Business features.

I won’t mention all the Cloudflare features here, just check out this page to know more:


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