Cloudflare Plus vs Cloudflare Pro

Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between Cloudflare Plus vs Cloudflare Pro? If you’re also that curious, then you are not alone. I’ve been curious as well and I googled and binged it, but I can’t find anything about it. Nobody even blogged Cloudflare Plus vs Cloudflare Pro before, so I decided to write the differences on my own by comparing these two.

First, Cloudflare Plus is a Dreamhost exclusive feature. You can just avail it when you sign-up with Cloudflare. The only options you have if you don’t have a Dreamhost account are the Free, Pro, Business and Enterprise editions.

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Rocket Loader in CloudFlare is now fixed!

Last week, Rocket Loader seems to be weird. It doesn’t load the Adsense ads and other external javascripts. Some JS files in my theme doesn’t load as well. My floating menu in my other blog was fixed, and a lot of bugs occurred, a lot of jQuery files malfunctioned. Most of the super awesome features of my blog didn’t work after activating it. So I decided to deactivate it and filed a support ticket inside my CloudFlare account.

After a few days, I added a few plugins (Social Buttons via Jetpack) and other WP plugins that will add more external javascripts in my WordPress blog. To my dismay, my grade of 99% in Google PageSpeed went down to 89%! An extra 10 external javascript files was added in my source code!


I’m so freaked out and sad at the same time so I re-enabled Rocket Loader. At first, I thought Rocket Loader didn’t work because nothing changed in my blog. All javascript files are working, the Adsense ads and other third party ads are loading just fine. And everything is just right, like nothing’s changed.