Giving Your Sales Team an Advantage

Companies that are focused on customers are the ones that see the most success. Your sales team is the heart of the operation. They are the ones that not only find new customers to serve, but they are also in charge or keeping your existing customers happy with the right products and services.


Fix SkillInfo_F.lua:185: attempt to index global ‘SKILL_INFO_LIST’ (a nil value)

The SkillInfo_F.lua:185: attempt to index global ‘SKILL_INFO_LIST’ (a nil value) and buf too new: read version 5.1; expected at most 5.0 are the two recent errors that I encountered after patching my RO client today. This error just appeared after the March 30, 2014 server maintenance of all Philippine Ragnarok Online servers. I still don’t know how to fix it. I’ve tried deleting my GameGuard folder, then repatched, but it didn’t work. I also tried deleting my Ragexe.exe client, but it still didn’t work. Right now I’m downloading a fresh new installer from then will try to do a brand new installation of my pRO client and see if it works. If it didn’t work, then I’ll just wait for a miracle.