Smart LTE redirects to http://y800.home/ problem

If you’ve encountered this annoying problem when you attempt to browse a specific website and it automatically redirects to http://y800.home/ or, then you’re not alone. I encountered this dilemma many times when using my Alcatel Y800 with a Smart LTE sim. It’s really annoying and frustrating sometimes, because it’s not all the time that this problem shows up. Sometimes it redirects me to the Y800 home, sometimes it doesn’t.

Another annoying thing is that nobody in the world wide web has posted a solution to this problem. Probably, as of writing this post, I’m the first one in the entire world who encountered this problem. Perhaps I’m the only one? I hope someone out there will leave a comment so that I’ll know that I’m not alone.

Anyway, I called Smart and e-mailed them, and they don’t have a single clue or idea what’s the main cause of this problem. I’m still subscribed to unlimited LTE internet for 1 month, and my account has still load credits in it.

If you encountered this problem and you have a solution, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Even if you don’t have a solution, please, oh please, still, leave a comment below, so that I’ll know that I’m not alone.


14 responses to “Smart LTE redirects to http://y800.home/ problem”

  1. I am having the same problem as you have and
    with no solution.It is very erratic as I have a signal according to device but I cannot connect through computer to device.It is very strange the behavior of this device because sometimes the speed is great with no problem but sometimes it is horrible and very frustrating.

    1. Bryan Veloso Avatar
      Bryan Veloso

      Yeah… So weird. Even Smart Phone Reps doesn’t have a clue how to fix it. Haha! Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

  2. I, too have the same problem. Will they (smart) just leave it this way?

  3. You guys are not alone. I encountered the same problem. But from the start when the site was redirected it stayed on without any idea on what’s wrong. But thank you Bryan your message save me from wasting my time to talk with people from smartbro.

  4. michelle Avatar

    i encountered the same problem and about to sell the product, but i went to smart store so i can have them give me a solution. they instructed me to bring it to their service centers, basically just to upgrade the firmware. if i knew this was the only solution, i couldve done it myself online and not waste with time and travel and money..

  5. Conrado Parillo Gevana Avatar
    Conrado Parillo Gevana

    i have the same problem too.. at first 5 months it works fine but after that time . its very disappointing coz.. its signal became slow .. cannot connect to internet,, redirect to homepage..and as of this moment of writing..the unit is unusable.. and to them ( Smart) no clear solution of the problem .

  6. same, even go smart useless center they always said “sir call to our hot line i don’t know how to do”

  7. I have the same problem too, even my smart phone can’t connect to y800. Do you how to fix it?.

  8. Just let you know that you are not alone dude. This is something that I am disappointed too. The only quick solution I can do is just restart the device to get a new IP. I think this is something that involves the IP of the device. If you only try disconnect and reconnect, you’ll gonna die there because it automatically get the last IP you had which has a port that is closed to the network. By restarting the device, it will request for a new IP. I understand that when you are like me which is playing Realtime online games like Dota2 or League of Legends, this is HELL for us but restarting the device and waiting for like 20-30 seconds is faster than spamming the connect/disconnect button.

  9. The Girl Next Door Avatar
    The Girl Next Door

    I encountered this problem too. And weird thing is that Smart Tech Support doesn’t know about it.

  10. akocbibbo Avatar

    i’ve experienced the same problem today. i tried switching out the sim card with my old zte pocket wifi and i was able to connect with smart 3g. i switched it back into the y800 and the problem went out.

    some of the solutions i tried that didn’t seem to work:
    – turning it on and off again
    – changing the network connection setting from 4g only to 4g prefer to 3g only to 3g prefer
    – taking out the sim card and “blowing it” (ala family computer or sega/nintendo cartridge days)

    i hope my suggestions help anyone out there experiencing the same problem and let me know if you can replicate this solution for your y800

  11. normally i just enter the password log in and continue browsing. if that doesnt work i just reset the pocket wifi.

  12. Emanuel Matoza Avatar
    Emanuel Matoza

    This also happens to us… actually, currently experiencing it now.. i just used the other network to browse… when we first encountered the problem, we just thought that the balance is already 0 or the unlisurf promo has ended since we are on prepaid…
    we use the smartbro pocket wifi purchased in the smart shop at sm megamall…

    turning the device off then turning it on again worked but it only lasted approx. 15 mins.

    any idea on how this can be prevented? this is a problem since i work at home using the internet connection. thanks in advance..

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