Smart LTE redirects to http://y800.home/ problem

If you’ve encountered this annoying problem when you attempt to browse a specific website and it automatically redirects to http://y800.home/ or, then you’re not alone. I encountered this dilemma many times when using my Alcatel Y800 with a Smart LTE sim. It’s really annoying and frustrating sometimes, because it’s not all the time that this problem shows up. Sometimes it redirects me to the Y800 home, sometimes it doesn’t.

Another annoying thing is that nobody in the world wide web has posted a solution to this problem. Probably, as of writing this post, I’m the first one in the entire world who encountered this problem. Perhaps I’m the only one? I hope someone out there will leave a comment so that I’ll know that I’m not alone.

Anyway, I called Smart and e-mailed them, and they don’t have a single clue or idea what’s the main cause of this problem. I’m still subscribed to unlimited LTE internet for 1 month, and my account has still load credits in it.

If you encountered this problem and you have a solution, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Even if you don’t have a solution, please, oh please, still, leave a comment below, so that I’ll know that I’m not alone.