New pRO Items: Ru Blue and Gold Weapons, Gyges Ring, Diadem Of Brunhild and more!

New weapons and armors have been patched and now available in pRO since January 2014, but was not yet introduced to the public. The Ru Blue weapons however will be introduced tomorrow, as announced by GM Anael in his official Facebook account.


Attach unattached images in WordPress automatically after migration

Most of the time, after every WP migration, specially if you’re migrating from to a self-hosted WordPress blog, your images inside your media library will automatically become unattached. You can fix this manually by editing each and every image in your media library and attaching it to the specific post where it was attached before migration.


Camera Tripods Create Better Photography

Carbon Fiber Tripods. Photo: Josh Valcarcel/WIRED
Stabilize your video and photos with high quality tripods to give you reliable and steady results every time. Nothing will do as much to improve your photography or film-making as using a good tripod.

Eliminate shaky shots and make sure that all the video you capture is level. Many typical situations require that your camera be as stable as possible, which is vital if you are going to avoid camera shake. Forget the bumpy motion of a handheld camera and the difficulty of maintaining a clean frame with it.


NPM’s infrastructure changed in Heroku node buildpack

A recent change has been made in NPM’s infrastructure in Heroku. Last month, a change to npm’s infrastructure was recently made that caused many users to receive a SELF_SIGNED_CERT_IN_CHAIN error during installation and publishing of packages. The npm-recommended fix is to set a blank value for ca in your npm config. If you’ve encountered this error before, it should now be fixed.

This issue can be circumvented by upgrading to node 0.10.26 or greater, but the upgrade is not required. But if ever you upgraded, then you must have encountered this error. The node buildpack has been updated to automatically generate an .npmrc for your app with the blank ca entry, if one is not already present.

Anyway, it’s already fixed. You can check out more updates at the Heroku devcenter changelog page.


Macro Bot Item Buyer Using Vazilios Vouchers as Payment

With the increasing number of Vazilios Vouchers—a zenny equivalent if deposited to the banker—in our server [New Chaos], comes with the depreciation of its value. A billion zenny is now worthless, compared to its value years ago. You cannot buy decent items using zennies below 1B, so buyers and sellers now are trading using multiple Vazilios Vouchers to buy and sell stuff. Thus, a need for a bot buyer using Vazilios Vouchers arised.