Innovative Apps That Your Smartphone Needs

smartphonesHave you grown tired of using your expensive smartphone to shoot birds at pigs? Truthfully, it’s probably pretty impossible to get tired of Angry Birds, but that isn’t the point. The point is that there are tons of awesome apps out there that are relatively unknown to the average smartphone user. These apps make life easier, downtime more enjoyable, and help to streamline various aspects of your day.

If you’ve had your smartphone for a while, you likely don’t download as many apps as you used to. You should start downloading apps again, because everyday more and more amazing apps from developers like Simplikate are released. Check out these incredible and creative apps that you’ve probably never heard of, but that you should download today.

Sparrow is a free app that aims to simplify and add an element of fun to email. Sparrow was recently acquired by Google, so it’s definitely doing something right! Sparrow condenses all of your mailboxes into one easy to use interface, and adds many little tricks to make emailing more streamlined.

Sparrow also has cool features like adding pictures of the people you’re emailing with into the user interface. You can also use Sparrow to unify all of your email inboxes into one, making email easier. It’s a great, free app that once you have, you won’t want to get rid of.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock
The Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock will change the way you sleep. For .99 cents, it’s an investment that you’ll wish you would’ve made sooner. Every night, you turn the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock on and place it next to you under your sheets. The app monitors your sleep cycle, and will wake you when you’re in the lightest sleep phase so you wake up feeling refreshed.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clark also includes charts and statistics about your slumber, so you can see when you’re in your deepest sleep and when you’re dreaming. It’s a great way to start living a healthier lifestyle just by getting better sleep.

Vine is a very recent app that allows you to take short videos and share them socially. It was purchased by Twitter late last year, and many people believe that it could become the video version of Instagram.

Vine is very easy to use, and lets you edit short videos with or without sound. Those videos can then be shared with one touch, and they integrate easily into social networks. Many brands are using Vine, and its popularity has surged since its release.

Viggle is an innovative app because it allows users to easily earn rewards by doing very simple tasks while watching television. Viggle uses the same technology as the popular at Shazam to identify audio. You’ll use Viggle to essentially “check-in” to different television shows, and as soon as you do you’ll begin earning rewards.

If you’re spending a lazy Saturday at home doing nothing but watch television, it’s a great way to make that laziness productive!


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