The user consequences after acquisition

It seems that everybody is saying positive news about the recent acquisition of by We can’t deny the fact that a lot of good things will happen to all SL users after this huge acquisition. If you still didn’t know, is no more. It’s already merged with and you’re SL accounts are also merged with

Current projects at Scriptlance will not be interrupted after the data merge. As they will still use all the data in your current projects in Right now, if you recently logged in to your SL account via, you’ll notice that everything is gone. Only your username was stored.

Your feedbacks are now gone, but it’s in the newsletter that they are currently migrating all of your hard earned feedbacks, so it will be back in a jiffy, hopefully by next week.

Another bad thing is that, if your username already exists in, they’ll add a “SL” suffix in your username, if you’re from SL, which is quite annoying if you’re used to your username already and you’re vain enough about your username and you don’t want any random letter extensions with your username. This is really really really annoying for vain users.

Your profile data were also not imported from SL to Freelancer. So you’ll have to complete your profile again once you’re logged in at Everything is back to zero.

And not just that, you’re SL credits are now gone. If you’ve deposited a huge amount in Escrow at Scriptlance or you have remaining credits in your SL account before the data merge, it’s now gone. Yep, 100% gone. It’s like they stole money from you (But I do hope that this will be fixed soon). Good thing I already withdrawn my funds a few months before this acquisition.

Anyway, those are just the few consequences of a Scriptlance user after this acquisition. There are a lot of advantages however. Like having more projects for Freelancer, and having more Freelancers to do their projects, for buyers.

A free premium membership for one year are also given to SL members, even if it says in the newsletter that you’ll only receive 30 days Free Basic Membership (value $4.95 USD). But if you check your account, your membership will expire by next year. Another cool thing about this merge is that you’ll have a chance in winning $2,500.00 USD if you complete your profile (upload your latest pic, add your skills, do some fancy stuff with your profile). And last but not the least, your profile will be highlighted with a special “Foundation Scriptlance Member” badge, which is awesome as current users will never ever get this badge!

That’s all for today! Welcome to good old Scriptlancers! Haha!


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  1. stacky Avatar
    stacky is fucking shit….no response from the customer support .i made a feedback 5 days a go no reply ….my reviews and rating all gone …..fuck this …SL is 100% better than this …

    1. Bryan Veloso Avatar
      Bryan Veloso

      yeah! they said that they are still working with the feedbacks, and it will be back in 48 hours. But it’s already one week, and our hard-earned feedbacks are still in oblivion… *sigh*. I miss the good old scriptlance…

  2. Walt Thiessen Avatar
    Walt Thiessen

    Scriptlance was in the process of returning escrow funds to me for a project the freelancer never finished. Then took over. Now, despite the fact that I did not authorize payment, my financial dashboard says that it’s in process of being paid to the freelancer!

    Opening a ticket has accomplished nothing. Responses from support in the ticket have said that I have to negotiate with the freelancer. It’s like they didn’t even read what I reported!

    When I try to login to their support center, it won’t let me in. I requested the password to be emailed to me, I receive it. However, the user name for my account doesn’t work with it. Neither does my email address with the password.

    When I try Live Online support about the escrow payment, I get runarounds. “Look at your support ticket” they say. When I ask for help getting into the Support Center, they stop replying.

    1. Bryan Veloso Avatar
      Bryan Veloso

      Damn! That’s quite frustrating! I hope that those issues can be resolved, soon. Let’s just hope, that all we can do. They have our funds and our data. Damn it!

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  4. Martin Muckle Avatar
    Martin Muckle

    I had 8 years as a buyer on SL, I had built up good momentum, used regular coders, had great feedback etc

    I was shocked as hell to find it no longer existed. I have tried to but the the 2 projects I have posted so far have had only a couple of bids, and at around 10x the expected price.

    Not happy, am doing something about it…

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