How can I fix my online reputation?

How can I fix my online reputation? This question was thrown to me by my cousin Jack last Monday morning while I’m traveling from Bangladesh to Singapore. I really don’t know how to answer my cousin’s question, that’s why I did what a lot of people do, google it! Good thing I just arrived in Singapore, because my SIM won’t work in Bangladesh and I wasn’t able to access the internet there, which is really frustrating.
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The Spanking new WHM Login UI

Yep, I just noticed this today after logging in to my WHM . It’s spanking new! It’s clean, it’s neat it’s awesome, it’s brand new. Check out my screenshot below.

You can also check out your cpanels to see the recent user interface changes.

I was surprised that WHM finally updated their login UI after so many years. I then check about this update, and I found out that it’s WHM 11.32. Now with DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) support, localized login screens, and so much more!
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