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907 invalid JAR error for BPI Mobile App Version 4.0.49

Hello BPI Mobile App users! The newest and latest BPI Mobile Banking app for all smartphone devices is now available for download. This replaces the BPI Mobile version 4.0.42. I tried to download this app today, but I’m experiencing some sort of error. The error is 907 invalid JAR unable to read short. So, I tried to Google the error, but as expected, nobody blogs or posted about the error because nobody seems to be using the BPI Mobile application for Blackberry.

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So who won the Glee Project?

The Glee Project Season Finale is over!!! So who won the Glee Project? If you haven’t seen episode 10 of the Glee Project yet, please stop reading this post! But if you’ve seen it, all of them actually won the Glee Project! Yes guys! The 4 of them won the Glee Project! Samuel and Damien tied for the first place, then Alex and Lindsay for the 2nd place. The 2nd placers won a 2-episode arc on Glee, while the 1st placers won a 7-episode arc on Glee!