Top 288,945 sites in the world visualized with favicons

Others are saying that the top 300,000 websites in the world are visualized with favicons. But why my title is 288,945? Because I want to be specific, and there are only 288,945 favicons in this poster.

A large-scale scan of the top million web sites was performed in early 2010 by computer David Fifield and Brandon Enright who are bored one day and suddenly had an idea about collecting the favicons of top 1,000,000 websites around the world in a single poster. But these nerds failed to visualize all the top 1 million websites. Only 328,427 unique icons were collected, of which 288,945 were proper images.

Check this page out if your favicon made it to this epic poster! They have printed 15 posters for Nmap developers only. But, they were considering an offset print run if there is enough demand. If you might be interested in buying a physical copy of the poster, click here!

Everybody is talking about it, that’s why I also blogged about it. Too bad, I didn’t make it to the top 1 million websites.


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