PokemonGo: Why I cannot use my Lucky Egg and Incense anymore

Did you notice that after the recent update, you cannot use your Lucky Eggs and Incense anymore? Regardless of how much you tap or swipe, or do any unique gestures in your screen, you won’t be able to use your Lucky Eggs and Incenses? I don’t know if I’m alone or if someone is experiencing the same problem as mine.

This problem recently occurred after the new gym mechanics was implemented. I already search in Google, Reddit, Pokemongo blogs, and other sites, but to no avail.

I’m also having a hard time throwing berries to increase the chances of capturing Pokemons.

If you’re encountered the same problem as I did, please leave a comment below.

Btw, I’m using iOS (iPad) with the latest Pokemon Go app installed.

12 Replies to “PokemonGo: Why I cannot use my Lucky Egg and Incense anymore”

  1. Same. It’s only on my iPad though. My iPhone is working normally. The item I select just bounces around on my screen and doesn’t respond to my swipe.

    1. oh yeah! maybe it’s just an ipad issue. I haven’t tried my account on another device yet. I also haven’t read any other who encountered the same issue. Thanks for sharing Ky. Good thing I’m not alone.

      There’s also an issue when throwing berries to tame pokemons. It doesn’t throw immediately. Did you encounter this as well in your iPad?

    1. Thanks for sharing. I think this is a long time issue and they just ignore it because only a few uses an iPad to play PokemonGo. haha!

  2. I have the same problem on my Samsung tab s2. It seems to be ok on my phone.

    It also seems that the picture is a little too large for the display screen. During raid bonuses I can’t see the ball count.

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