Professional Data Recovery in the Philippines that really recovers your data

A few months ago, my hard drive crashed. It’s a WD Elements 1TB drive. I didn’t do anything, I just copied some files, then suddenly it went crazy. It can’t copy any files at all. I have very important important data inside that drive and I don’t have a backup. Because I’m a slight techy, I attempted to recover my data in my storage device using various data recovery softwares.

I just googled online and found a lot of data recovery applications, both free and paid. I tried Revuca, Pandora, ADRC Data Recovery Tool, TestDisk, UndeletePlus, and a wholte lot more. I also tried all of the recommended data recovery softwares by Lifehacker, but it didn’t work.

I was hopeless because I didn’t successfully recover my precious data in my hard drive. Due to this dilemme, I decided to use a data recovery center that is cheap and that works. I found expensive ones in the US and Singapore, but I guess it’s too expensive. It’s worth around $3000 USD just to recover a data from a $100 USD hard drive. Good thing there are a lot of data recovery centers in the Philippines. I tried, but after a month that I left my hard drive with them, they didn’t successfully recovered my data. They just used the same tools that I attempted to recover the data with the same method that I already did. They don’t have a lab or clean room here in the Philippines that opens the hard drive and recover the data from disc images, unlike what I’ve read in other professional data recovery centers in the US and Singapore.

XYON asked me if I agree to ship my hard disk to the US for a mere fee of around $1500 USD. They said that they will attempt to recover the data through their partner, Seagate. But I’m a bit skeptical and at the same time, awed with the price because it’s a bit expensive.

Good thing I found one in who offers professional data recovery for only $600 USD. I gave them my hard disk and my data was recovered successfully. I you’re also looking for a professional data recovery company in the Philippines, I highly recommend Chris. You can e-mail him at or call/text him at 0917-821-8802. You’ll never be disappointed.

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    1. Thanks for pointing that out and for reading my post. The post has been edited. 😀

  1. Hi bryan just wanna ask if chris is part of that company that fix your HD? if not what the name of the company that repair your HD

    1. It’s chris. Chris fixed it. May machine sila near ADMU then the raw data was sent to singapore, and sent back to me. Around $600 USD. Cheaper than Xyon referred.. 😀

  2. I also went to xyon philippines but they failed to recover my data. Also they referred me to their partner Seagate in the U.S but a too expensive.

  3. My Seagate back up plus portable hard drive when connected to the computer, keeps on blinking white light and the computer does not recognize it. I have tried troubleshooting, changing the cable, coonecting to a different computer but still does it. I’m asking for quotation on how much it would cost me to have my data recovered. Thank you!

    1. Just SMS the number in my post. They recover the data kahit nabasa ng ulan or nasunog ang HD. Yung sakin around $600 USD nagastos ko, it’s cheap na compared sa Seagate data recovery service sa US.

    1. yep magaling sila mag recover. Try to contact them muna for a quote. Depende kasi sa hard drive capacity, hindi depende sa data lng na need u.

  4. mas mura pla ang singilan sa ISS EYAN DATA RECOVERY CENTER.dito lng sa Pinas gagawin at my sarili silang clean room..

  5. the usb port of my 1 TB Toshiba hard drive was detached. Can it be fixed? My files can still be recovered?

  6. Hi Bryan. Do you know a way I can reach cris? I tried to call the number but its not working anymore. Can you tell me his office location?

    1. Have you tried reaching him via Yahoo mail? I haven’t contacted him for a long time.

    2. To all of you asking question about data recovery service, you can text or call Christopher Iban new number 09206113020.

  7. bakit yung hd ko 1tb tpos nging 32 gb,,ginawa ko kcing recovery kla ko pwede hindi pla,panu mabalik sa 1td ulit yun tnx sasagot maraming salamat

  8. may nagbebenta ba ng head (spare parts) dito sa pinas? yung para sa seagate slim backup plus, slim protable drive 500 gb. yun kasi sira sa hd ko, yung head nya ayaw bumasa ng files. salamat sa makakatulong.

  9. sir.. magkano repair ng WD 2TB external hdd? sing i plugged it sa smart tv, hndi n mabasa yung content ng drive. though my laptop can still detect the drive but i can no longer open it in my computer.. not initialized yung status nya sa disk manager

  10. To all,

    we cannot give/send quotation without checking your hdd, sd card, micro sd, ssd, other storage device first.

    give us ample time to interface your storage device with our machine in order to determine what exactly went wrong with it.

    after checking we willgive/send quotation and tell you how long it will take to recover your files.

    initial check-up is free of charge and no recovery no pay policy applies.

    God bless,
    Christopher Iban
    0920 611 3020

  11. Hi I am from Mindanao, how can i send my hard disks WD and Seagate, hindi na po kasi siya gumagana at gusto ko po sana ma back up lahat ng Files ko, Salamat.

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