Adsense Payment in Progress: April 30, 2011

It’s already the last day of the month and the Adsense payment is still in progress. 3 hours from now, it’s already the 1st day of May 2011. I wonder what’s the main cause of this delay. Is it the Royal Wedding? or… something else? I hope they will issue the payment tomorrow so that I can pay my debts.

Will update this post again if the payment is already issued. I hope it will be issued today or tomorrow. This is the most delayed Adsense payment I’ve encountered so far!

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One Response to Adsense Payment in Progress: April 30, 2011

  1. kapitan says:

    i was shocked to know that adsense payment is getting delayed as far as this.
    so far so good, my adsense payment’s most delayed is on 27th day of the month, earliest is 25th.

    or maybe dahil maliit lang kinikita ko kaya madaling iapprove, heheeee..
    nice blog here po!

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