Now it’s pretty obvious what will happen in the next half of the season. It’s either yes or die for Jessica. Now everything’s Litt Up! Can’t wait for episode 11 of season 4 this winter! Hahaha!

Goodbye Daniel Hardman, Again…

Daniel Hardman

Daniel Hardman
I know I know, this blog post is pretty late. I just want to say goodybye to Daniel Hardman again. Once again, he was dethroned for being number 1 in Pearson Hardman. Hahaha! He just wants to take control of the firm again, but he did it in evil ways. I knew it that Donna didn’t see the paper before. She was just surprised because it was there and because she panicked and she thought that she can protect Harvey by shredding it, she did what she think was right.
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Addicted to Mike Ross and Harvey Specter

Mike Ross and Harvey Specter
As you all know or don’t know yet, I’m hooked to this no-so-new TV series called suits. This TV show had its first season premiere a year ago, but I just stared to watch it last month. Every episode is brilliant and it keeps getting interesting and more interesting as each episode goes by. I’m jealous of Mike Ross’ computer-like brain and Harvey Specter’s wit.
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