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Ginny Gardner: The girl on Glee that Ryder Lynn sang the song “Your Song” to

If you’ve seen Glee Season 4 Episode 18 and seen this girl, I bet you wondered who she is. I’ve been staring at her like there’s no tomorrow while Ryder is singing the song “Your Song” to her. I just stared at her, and paused my VLC player for a while, just to look at her pretty face. She’s so pretty and I really can’t get over her.

I know this post is very very late, but I need to post this as Ginny Gardner is my number one crush in the entire world right now. I almost forgot to write a blog post about this as I’ve been very busy during the past few weeks. If you’re curious who is that girl that Ryder sang the song “Your Song” to, and that Ryder thought that she was Katie, she’s no other than the pretty Ginny Gardner.