Ragnarok Online Egir Set: God of the Sea

I’ve seen this set worn by GM Vazilios in pRO New Chaos, but I didn’t read the description of each of the armors. Now I’m pretty curious what are the stats of these armors and what are the bonus stats if the whole set is worn. I’ve been searching all over the web trying to find the stats, but I end up to nothing. Not even RMS have the updated stats of the Egir set.

If you don’t know who Egir is, it’s actually Aegir, intentionally misspelled in Ragnarok as Egir. He’s a Sea God in Norse Mythology. Look, I found a picture of him below:


After searching for hours and hours, I found a thai forums about Ragnarok and the Egir set are included in their discussion. However, I don’t understand Thai, good thing we have Google translate nowadays. Here are the stats of the Egir Armor set.