Inverter vs Inverter Grade Air-conditioner

Ok, so I’ve been googling about Inverter vs Inverter-Grade Air-conditioners to find out what’s the main difference between these two, but I found nothing. You will only see results about Inverter and Non-Inverter types, or Inverter Grade types only, or Inverter Only. There’s no clear comparison or even a blog post or article about Inverter and Inverter Grade aircons.

Fujidenzo window-type Air-conditioners have both inverter and inverter Grade Air-conditioners, and also, they have a non-inverter aircon.

Inverter are twice as much as expensive as inverter Grade, and inverter Grade are slightly expensive that non-inverter.

So what’s the difference? Only the price. I will do further research about the difference between an Inverter and an “Inverter Grade” aircon.

Right now, you cannot find a single article online explaining “Inverter vs Inverter Grade”. Chances are, you’ll read this blog post because you googled the same keywords I googled.

You’re welcome! LOL!

I’ll update this post if I find anything about its differences. Or feel free to leave a comment below if you know the difference between an Inverter and inverter Grade aircon

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  1. Sana i consider na false advertising yang inverter grade..there’s nothing inverter about it..naiba lang refrigerant yon lang

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