Inverter vs Inverter Grade Air-conditioner

Ok, so I’ve been googling about Inverter vs Inverter-Grade Air-conditioners to find out what’s the main difference between these two, but I found nothing. You will only see results about Inverter and Non-Inverter types, or Inverter Grade types only, or Inverter Only. There’s no clear comparison or even a blog post or article about Inverter and Inverter Grade aircons.

Fujidenzo window-type Air-conditioners have both inverter and inverter Grade Air-conditioners, and also, they have a non-inverter aircon.

Inverter are twice as much as expensive as inverter Grade, and inverter Grade are slightly expensive that non-inverter.

So what’s the difference? Only the price. I will do further research about the difference between an Inverter and an “Inverter Grade” aircon.

Right now, you cannot find a single article online explaining “Inverter vs Inverter Grade”. Chances are, you’ll read this blog post because you googled the same keywords I googled.

You’re welcome! LOL!

I’ll update this post if I find anything about its differences. Or feel free to leave a comment below if you know the difference between an Inverter and inverter Grade aircon


  1. Sana i consider na false advertising yang inverter grade..there’s nothing inverter about it..naiba lang refrigerant yon lang

  2. You predict it well…i was googling on the same keyword and found your blog…i saw a fujidenzo inverter type but no available unit already and got an inverter class/grade instead…i hope you can enlighten us about the difference and im practically scared of usinGB this coz it moght blow my budget off

  3. I think it has something to do with the refrigerant being used which is un RA14 but in reality hindi pareho ng technology na gamit. I saw from explanation sa you tube ng isang engineer. Yung inverter grade hindi automatic nag stop un compressor once ma reach on temp na na set.

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