My Theory: Flight 828 found. Then who returned after 5 years?

So I’ve been watching NBC’s Manifest on Hulu. I just started to watch Season 1 last week, and finished watching season 2 this week. Here’s a short summary of the entire 2 seasons. Flight 828 disappeared for five-and-a-half years. Then the plane’s air wing was found by Fisherman in Cuba. Basically, the plane that returned is a duplicate plane. Maybe from the future or from the past of from somewhere. But I think they all died, and 828 passengers are clones from another dimension.

My theory is it’s a Fringe-like universe (You know the Fringe TV series starring Anna Torv). Another dimension opened, an 828 plane crashed to another 828 plane. In the main earth (or universe), the plane that went to the ocean is from another dimension, that’s what the Cuban fisherman found. The plane that went back after 5.5 years was the original plane, but somehow the souls from the other dimension died. Oh wait, now I’m confused what’s happening. I mean the flight that went back is the same plane with the same passengers, and the plane that sank in the ocean is from another universe!

Here’s another theory. They are all in a virtual reality world, like a simulation or perhaps the Matrix and the people from the real world are playing with them. 😀

To be honest, I really don’t have a concrete theory. I just need to watch Season 3! Can’t wait for the next season. >_<


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