Infolinks new website design launched today!

If you’ve noticed, Infolinks recently launched their new website today! It now looks more ergonomic, cleaner, and of course, better than the old one. However, the user dashboard when you login is still old. I think they will also be revamping the user dashboard (or the Publisher Center as they call it) soon to complement with the new site’s design and color scheme. And look! It’s mobile responsive (just visit their website at and resize your web browser to see).

Couch Potato

Batman vs Superman SDCC 2015 Trailer Photos

Batman vs Superman SDCC 2015 Trailer Photos or Screenshots. I just took some screenshots while watching the latest Batman vs Superman trailer that was featured in San Diego Comic Con a week ago. I had goosebumps after watching the full trailer and I can’t wait for March 2016 to watch the entire flick!!!