NAIA 3 24-hour Parking Building Prices (Multi-level Parking Building)

For those who didn’t know yet, there’s a parking area inside NAIA 3 and it’s open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The current prices as of January 2015 are as follows: Php40.00 for Sedan and other 4-wheeled vehicles, Php 15.00 for Motorcycles, Overnight Parking is Php 300.00. If you lost your parking slip, a penalty of 500 Pesos is imposed.

I haven’t been to the Philippines for 3 years now and I was surprised that NAIA 3 has a very convenient parking building for passengers. Once parked, you can conveniently enter and exit the NAIA 3 building.

Ground floor entrance inside NAIA 3 to the parking area.

Bill (a friend of mine) picked me up and he just parked his car in the 3rd level of the parking building. His car is the white one in the picture above.

I heard that it has around 5000 parking slots, that’s a loooot of space. There are no hourly fees unlike other establishments nearby. So if you’re going abroad or just parking your car for a few hours while waiting for someone you are picking up, just park your car in the NAIA 3 multi-level parking.


  1. I am planning to leave my car here . Would you know the situation at the moment? This article was written last year, how is the situation currently? Is it easy to find a spot here?

  2. Hi! Is it really safe to park there? I’m going for a 4 day trip and I’m going to leave my car for 3 nights in naia 3. I’m just concerned about my cars safety. Thank you!

  3. I’m leaving for Australia next week for a one week vacation. I am planning to park my SUV in that multi-level parking, kindly give me an assurance that it’s safe to park there and how much is the cost for 5 days parking? Is there always available parking space? Thanks.

    1. Pwede po bang mgpark jn ng 8days pauwi po kasi kmi ng davao? March 20 to 27?mgkano po kya ang parking rate?

    2. Magpark po ako ng 5nights pauwi ng Mindanao? April 15, 10:00am Balik ko April 21, 14:00pm?mgkano po kya ang parking rate ko? Salamat Pls…reply.

  4. Pwede po bang mgpark jn ng 8days pauwi po kasi kmi ng davao? March 20 to 27?mgkano po kya ang parking rate?

    1. Absolutely! I also parked there for more than 10 days. Parking rate is 300/day for overnight. So if you park for 8 days, that will be 2400 pesos.

  5. hi just want to confirm if there is a motorcycle parking at the multi-level parking building of NAIA terminal 3? thanks in advance

    1. good question! i honestly cant confirm this. but since i parked at NAIA 3, i didn’t notice any motor cycle parking slots. however, it’s still best to visit the parking area booth to ask and confirm. 🙂

  6. Did you guys get an answer to the question about the motobike parking? AND – important: what is the price? If it is 300 per day as for cars (and as it was before) it is ridiculous.
    Cheers and thanks, Ulf

    1. There is a motorcycle parking at NAIA 3 but not inside the parking building, its on the opposite side of the parking building right before the terminal there is a open area intended for motorcycle parking, its only 30 pesos per day.

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