OMG! isoHunt is now gone!

I was about to download the latest episode of Big Bang Theory using the torrent search engine isoHunt, but to my surprise, it was already gone. It was just yesterday that I downloaded my last movie from isoHunt, the Pacific Rim in 1080p full HD format. It’s sad to see you go isoHunt, but there’s nothing I can. I’m just a mere human being who loves to use your search engine. I guess I have to use Google for now to search for torrents, or PirateBay perhaps.

Because I’m so curious, I searched about isoHunt and why it’s now gone. I just found out that it was shut down yesterday following a court settlement. IsoHunt was due to shut down on the 23 October 2013, but in fact shut down 2 days early on the morning of October 21st.

This is what you’ll see when you visit today:

10.5 years of being online, and 7 years of court battle, isoHunt didn’t come triumphant against the giants in the film industry such as Disney, Paramount, and 20th Century Fox.

Oh crap. Once again. Goodbye and thanks for being part of my life for more than a decade.


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